Yo Soy El Artista

I’ve been auditioning for reality shows since I wanted to be “American’s Most Talented
Kid”. I went to my share of American Idol, The Voice and other singing auditions.  Yo Soy El Artista was my first Spanish Reality Show Audition.  This audition was extremely unique because its approach (read below). I was contestant #1442 and as I watched myself on TV last night all I could think of was the steps and hard work it  took to get there. Stepping into the first audition I was unsure what it would bring me, but I went for it anyway.  It just goes to say when in doubt, try. Audition.  A yes or a no bare the same outcome, you keep moving forward.

  1. Total time: 90 seconds
  2.  First 45 seconds- receive 51 of 100 top Social Media Influencers votes to proceed to the second half of the audition.
  3. Last 45 seconds receive 3 of 5 judges votes to proceed in the competition.

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